Protecting the magic of childhood

Going above and beyond to fuel imaginations


When they’re safe, well and happy, children see the wonder in everything. But the reality is that right now many children are simply too hungry or too ill to see the wonder in the world. It’s impossible to see magic with an empty tummy.

Financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to roll back years of progress in reducing child poverty.

By the end of 2020, an additional 133 million children are projected to be living in poor households.

Children living in monetary-poor households - as defined by those living in households with income below the national poverty line. Source: Children in Monetary Poor Households and COVID-19. Projections as of November 2020.

The impact of COVID-19 is affecting children around the world

Now more than ever we need to be there for children. To shield them from hunger and illness. To give them the childhood they deserve.

Thankfully there are countless individuals going to extraordinary lengths to ensure children have everything they need for a happy childhood.

Meet the people protecting the magic for children around the world

Meet Georgina from the UK, Esther from Northern Malawi and Papiya from Bangladesh.

Three inspiring people who are working every day to protect children - and keep the magic alive.

Georgina and Lexi-Mae


Mum Georgina and 5-year-old Lexi-Mae look out of their window.

"I could be an animal rescuer, and an artist and a ballerina! Three at once!"
Lexi-Mae, 5

We adults will go to extraordinary lengths to keep the magic alive for the children in our lives. This is certainly true of Georgina, who is bringing up Lexi-Mae on her own, despite suffering from anxiety and struggling to make ends meet.  Helping Lexi-Mae get what she needed to fuel her imagination was tough even before lockdown began, and it’s only got tougher since.   

But thanks to our supporters, Georgina received an emergency grant. Her money worries have been eased thanks to food and shopping vouchers. Lexi-Mae won’t have to miss meals during the pandemic, and she has kept up her learning with our Early Learning Pack. 

“I'd be overthinking everything and thinking, "How am I going to cope" and I'd definitely be cutting down more on food.”

Now, Georgina can focus on keeping Lexi-Mae safe, healthy and happy. Helping her to see the wonder in the world. 

“We'll go for a walk if it's a nice day, we'll play games, we'll colour together, I think that's something that probably does keep me going.”

Lexi-Mae, 5, holds her Mr Potato Head
Mum Georgina and 5-year-old Lexi-Mae hug
Lexi-Mae, 5, sits outside her house wearing a tiara.
Lexi-Mae's drawing of a unicorn

Unicorn, by Lexi-Mae

Unicorn, by Lexi-Mae

Esther & Blessings

Northern Malawi

“My other child is 11 years old. He was born with a low birth weight and got ill often. Blessings came after the Scaling Up Nutrition project arrived: he was born with above average birth-weight and is healthier.”

Forget teaches women in her community about nutrition

Forget teaches a nutrition class.

Forget teaches a nutrition class.

Esther holds Blessings on her lap

Esther & Blessings

Esther & Blessings

The Scaling Up Nutrition project reached Esther through another mother in her community – Forget. 

Forget was taught what makes up a healthy diet for her children and about the importance of hygiene and sanitation to prevent disease. And she got training from local farmers on how to grow nutritious food all year round. 

Forget wanted to spread the message and fight poor child nutrition, which has historically stunted the growth and development of more than a third of children under 5 in Malawi. 

So, she became a Community Nutrition Champion, teaching parents like Esther about healthy food and good hygiene practices.  

Now, like Forget, Esther grows her own fruit and veg and uses it to cook healthy, balanced meals for her family. 

Her community writes and sings songs that teach about the food pregnant women need to eat to stay healthy.

Esther, Forget and the inspiring women in their community are making sure children get the nutritious food they need to fuel their imaginations.

"In this village, life has changed. We now eat the six food groups and we have healthier bodies. Our children don't get ill, often they look healthier." - Forget

Women dance and sing whilst carrying their crops

Women dance and sing whilst carrying their crops



"It’s good being a girl.
Girls and boys are equal in talent and strength."

Papiya carries two baby goats

Papiya, 15, is making an impact on her rural community in Bangladesh – by telling mums about the importance of good nutrition. And by the power of her cooking!

"The food is for the kids to eat, they’re using the different ingredients for nutrition. It’s boring to eat the same thing every day and it’s good to eat different types of food – for your health."

Papiya lives with her aunt, Rojina, who is a peer leader in our local nutrition programme. Rojina learnt how to improve young children’s nutrition – including working in communities to support families’ livelihoods, providing nutrition advice and promoting breastfeeding. When Rojina hosts community sessions on nutrition, Papiya helps out. She helps tell mums about the importance of a good diet so that their "children are healthy and don’t catch diseases".

Papiya and her family know about the importance of a good diet, and they're sharing this knowledge with their whole community – to give children the best possible start in life.

When Papiya grows up she wants to be a teacher, so that she can keep sharing this message.

Papiya poses with her family for a picture
Children look at a book during a nutrition class
Women serve up the food they made for a nutrition class
A baby plays with bowls during a nutrition class
Black image
Women serve up the food they made for a nutrition class
A baby plays with bowls during a nutrition class
Black image

"I like cooking for everyone. I like it because it brings everyone together."
Irine sits outside her home looking at the stars
Irine sits outside her home looking at the stars


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