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We believe every child, no matter who they are or where they are born, should have the opportunity to reach their potential.

The Thomson Reuters Awards Dinners have provided a lifeline to some of the world's most disadvantaged children.

Since our partnership began, the global finance community has raised over £26.6 million, with HK$ 115,678
raised this year at the IFR Asia Awards.

in Ethiopia

In October 2017, Thomson Reuters' Owen Wild, Citi's Shani Halstead and HSBC's Jezz Farr joined our team in Ethiopia to visit a school, a medical centre and an IDP Camp.

Here they experienced some of the work we do first hand – on the ground and around the clock – to help children.

“We knew people came here with nothing; they were desperate. The drought has been going on for so long now, you don’t realise what nothing means: literally that.”

Owen Wild, Thomson Reuters, speaking at an IDP camp in Ethiopia.

Thanks to crucial fundraising efforts like yours, we are able to help.

In Ethiopia, we are a leading aid agency and have the expertise and experience needed to save children’s lives.
This is what we've done in the region.

Scaled up our nutrition response

We've provided emergency nutrition in 61 districts.

We've treated malnourished children and enrolled women who are pregnant or breastfeeding into supplementary feeding programmes.

Deployed mobile health teams

Our skilled mobile health and nutrition teams have supported 65 case treatment centres and health centres, where we send medical supplies and specialist healthcare and clean water.

Prevented the spread of disease

We have equipped 15 cholera treatment centres with water sanitation and treatment facilities and have reached 69,000 people with essential hygiene instructions.

We’re in Ethiopia for the long term and with your generous support, we can help repair and rebuild children’s futures.

The IFR Asia Awards help change the future for millions of children around the world.

Children like Gerald, Basma and Nirob – just some of the children we've been able to help because of fundraising like this.

Gerald and
the typhoon

Gerald lives in the Philippines with his mum, dad and brothers and sisters.

When Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines, with winds as strong as 170 miles per hour and water levels rising several metres high, it destroyed almost everything in its path.

“The houses looked as if they were dancing in the wind before they collapsed and the winds were getting stronger and stronger. My father was blown from here to the church!”


It was Gerald who encouraged his family to safely evacuate to the nearby school.

When the typhoon passed, the family left the school to find their house and fishing boat totally destroyed, and many people injured.

Gerald's three-year-old sister, Xyril.

Gerald's three-year-old sister, Xyril.

In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, we helped more than 232,000 children.

This included delivering clean drinking water, providing 31,300 households with tarpaulins, hygiene kits, emergency toilets, buckets, temporary shelters and cash to buy supplies.

We repaired local classrooms, improved sanitation facilities at his primary school and gave 16,712 children the chance to play in a safe environment.

Children learn in a Save the Children-supported school in Eastern Aleppo, Syria.

An education
for Basma

Basma, 8, was forced to flee her home in southern Syria when her school was attacked in an airstrike.

The family moved to many different locations trying to find safe places to stay, every time making sure that Basma was able to continue her education.

One day, while at school in a new town her family had settled in, another airstrike hit and 20 of Basma's classmates died.

"I was in class when my school was hit. We ran out of the school right away and I went back home, but my uncle went to the school and found out that many children had been injured. I have never seen my school or my friends again; I miss them a lot”.


After this attack they moved north, settling in a town where she now attends a school refurbished and run by Save the Children.

Before this school opened, many of the town's children had been out of education for two years.

Basma loved her old school: "my teacher loved me and I had a lot of friends".

Basma loved her old school: "my teacher loved me and I had a lot of friends".

As well as making vital repairs and providing equipment, furniture and learning materials, we provide teachers with salaries and training.

In Syria, we have supported more than 600,000 children and their families, providing them with food, clean water, shelter, healthcare and education.

Nirob's lifeline

Years ago, in a rural village in Bangaldesh, we met five-month-old Nirob and his mother Shipra.

Nirob was a small and weak baby.

He was battling a terrible combination of malnutrition and disease and had been losing weight since he was born.

Before he was born, Shipra had already lost three babies.

Cases like Shipra’s are far too common in rural villages in Bangladesh. Nine in ten young mothers have lost at least one child due to lack of healthcare.

Access to basic health care is extremely expensive in Bangladesh – it takes a full month’s earnings just to pay for the trip to a clinic alone. Because of this, young mothers are forced to have their babies in unsanitary conditions, without properly trained medical supervision.

“A hospital is needed for mothers and babies” – Shipra

Save the Children, in partnership with the government in Bangladesh, constructed a new clinic near Nirob’s village.

The clinic reaches over 150,000 people each year with vital medical services.

The same clinic allowed Nirob and children like him to receive proper treatment. Newborns are now able to receive the care they need to survive their first days of life.

Shipra no longer has to worry about walking miles and miles to reach the nearest health clinic. She no longer has to worry about working a full month to be able to take her sick child to the doctor.

The life changing help Nirob received has only been possible because of support from donors like you.

Nirob, outside his home with his sister and mum.

Save the Children believes every child deserves a future.

Around the world, we work every day to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

The flexible funds raised at the IFR Asia Awards will help us to reach children wherever and whenever the need is greatest, transforming their lives and the future we share.