No Child Born To Die

How you've helped change the world for children

In 2011, 8 million children under five were dying every year from illnesses that could be prevented, like pneumonia or diarrhoea.

That year, we launched our No Child Born To Die campaign to try to change this.

This is the story of how people like you have helped it to succeed.

Around the world, people like Jo gathered as part of action/2015 to put pressure on world leaders to tackle inequality and poverty - and agree to make sure everyone gets access to essential healthcare.
Since the campaign launched, more than 83,000 people in the UK have taken 288,000 actions.
They worked alongside supporters in more than 40 countries to help children everywhere.

We’ve seen amazing progress, but tragically nearly 6 million children still die every year – many from preventable causes. We’re setting out to ensure that every child has an equal chance in life, no matter where they’re born, or who their parents are.

Join us to help create change for children all over the world.